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“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.”

Blaise Pascal

Marketing: my thermostat kicks your thermostats butt

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Or does it? If yours is a nest, then not. If it isn’t, then it does both in looks and in functionality.

Interesting marketing observation; I recently found these two ads in Dwell by Nest Thermostat (which I do have and love BTW). What I thought is very interesting from a marketing perspective is that they appraise their thermostat for looks first.

Don’t get me wrong, the device is beautiful and very intuitive to use, but it’s main function is to make the task of programming your home heating/cooling more enjoyable and save on energy. I therefor found it interesting that they first hook you on looks and then on function.

What do you think?

Nest Ad

Perfectionistic Ideologies ≠ Progress

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I’m very passionate about making a difference. My passion is to build high quality buildings that drastically increase comfort and quality, while lowering energy consumption.

I love getting things done and driving change forward. In my opinion, the passive house standard is a very good starting point.

No idea is ever bulletproof, but many times, trying to chase a perfect ideology (the perfect house, with the highest comfort, with the perfect materials, the best energy performance and the least possible embedded energy) leads to progress paralysis. Rather than actually executing on what we have, our minds get hung up with choice overload and we just walk away from progress all together – turning back to just the “same old, same old.” Has anyone else experienced this?

Should we not celebrate that some of us are actually executing? It might not be perfect, and things can be improved, but at some point we need to make decisions and just do what we think is the best solution given the current situation.

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