Month: December 2010

Don’t Do This on Your Blog: Spring Scrubbing! and a Happy New Year

Today I did, what you are not “supposed” to do on your blog: Scrubbing! But who are they to tell me? Who are “They” anyways?

Looking back at my blog posts, I feel that I was putting a lot of immaturity on display here over the past three to four years. Just like you don’t want everyone to know the silly things you did in University, I had to do a little bit of spring cleaning. I left some posts that have some interesting thoughts in them, but many of the silly thoughtless ones are gone.

For 2011

Seeing that 2011 is right around the corner, here is my public New Years Resolution for this blog: To write one… 1! … single thoughtful post per month. I know it seems very little for these fast moving always connected times that we live in, but I would like to display quality rather than quantity. I’ve tried more in the past and usually failed at it, because the simple thought of the task is too dreadful for me to even get started. On top of it I’m not a particularly well articulated writer. It’s never been my forte, and it will probably never be. I’m sure everyone of my past German, French and English teachers will attest to it.

So for now, Make it a Happy New Year