I’m always excited to see a few companies with great products and services at the green living show. Check out the following links (no particular order):

Sander Design (Landscape Architecture)
Martin Liefhebber (Architect)

Solares (Environmentally Integrated Homes)
Green Enterprise Ontario and Green Enterprise Toronto
Traffic Design with the Worlds Greenest Business Card
Project Innovations with its Water Recycling System

The following are companies that I discovered this year:

Chariot Carriers with their Bike Trailers (Respect for Manufacturing in Canada)
Living Arc – Green Roofs for Industrial Buildings (creating great environments in urban settings)
Fair Trade Jewelry Company (recycled silver + fair trade diamonds)
Wiggers Furniture (Great Furniture, made with FSC lumber)
Homestead House (I never knew about milk paint and how great it looks)

I think the big looser (with the worst product) at the show was:

GE with their heat pump water heater. Here’s why: The heat pump takes the temperature out of the surrounding air and “concentrates” it into the water (sorry for the simplistic description, I hope you understand it though). This effectively cools down the air in the room where the water heater is installed. Not a bad concept IF YOU LIVE IN TEXAS. Here in Ontario, you spend a lot of energy to put that heat into the air in the first place, why take it back out for the water heater?

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