Let me quote Albert Einstein

Hello everyone,

I would like start of by introducing you to a quote from Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I found this on the page of Grassroots – an environmental store in Toronto. Since I read this quote I was not able to forget it. It’s so interesting to reflect on it.

I often get involved in discussions about our environmental issues and about possible solutions. One of the very common arguments I get to hear is: “Well, what are we going to do with … [fill in whatever new waste product is going to be generated] when we are done with it?” … It is very hard to get people to snap out of this kind of old thinking.

If we look back in history, we have found solutions for so many types of problems, so why don’t we learn from it and trust that we will be able to come up with solutions. Lets go beyond our mental borders and find new solutions.

Here’s an example regarding electric cars: Maybe we will one day exchange empty standard battery packs at “gas stations”/”recharging stations” with freshly charged packs. It’s possible!

There is many different creative approaches to issues that seem to be to big to solve, let’s rethink our problems, because everything is rethinkable!

Yours truely, Hans

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