Perfectionistic Ideologies ≠ Progress

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I’m very passionate about making a difference. My passion is to build high quality buildings that drastically increase comfort and quality, while lowering energy consumption.

I love getting things done and driving change forward. In my opinion, the passive house standard is a very good starting point.

No idea is ever bulletproof, but many times, trying to chase a perfect ideology (the perfect house, with the highest comfort, with the perfect materials, the best energy performance and the least possible embedded energy) leads to progress paralysis. Rather than actually executing on what we have, our minds get hung up with choice overload and we just walk away from progress all together – turning back to just the “same old, same old.” Has anyone else experienced this?

Should we not celebrate that some of us are actually executing? It might not be perfect, and things can be improved, but at some point we need to make decisions and just do what we think is the best solution given the current situation.

If You Could Choose, Where Would All Your Tax Dollars Go?

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… what would it be?

I had a great conversation with Dave Klassen (who owns and operates Newport Landscaping) recently about taxes. It all started when I mentioned that I listen to CBC radio. In Dave opinion thought CBC is a complete waste of the tax payers money. Which brought me to a great question: If we only had one choice of dedicating our taxes to just one cause within the state, what would you want it to be?

At first we came up with job creation, and I think this would be the first choice for most people. But thinking about it further, I don’t trust people and the government enough to not just create jobs through tax funding that are only sustained by the input of tax money.

My final conclusion was, that I would want all my tax money to go towards manufacturing and innovation to boost productivity, so that Canada can compete internationally and sell its products abroad. In essence, isn’t that the only way that we can really increase this countries net worth?

This is all I wanted to leave you with today. Think about it: If you had the choice, where would you want all your tax dollars to go to?

As further reading, I recently found a great article in the Globe and Mail. It is titled: “Canada’s Innovation Window of Opportunity”

Owning a Business as an Introvert

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“It appears to me that you are an introvert. How do you deal with that when running your own business?”

This question was asked to me at a recent entrepreneurial event, at our local library.

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The answer I gave was relatively simple: “I am introvert. I’ve always been relatively shy about hooking up with other people. I’m aware that this is my personality and that it can be an issue in business. But I noticed in the past that every time I step out of my comfort zone good things happen. Also, being a bit more careful about throwing myself out there, generally prevented me from getting into business situations that are too risky [and not my nature].”

I’d like to elaborate on this topic a bit more and then rap it all up at the end with a great post from Steve Blank that I recently read.

Stick to yourself

I am an introvert, but that’s okay. I stick to it. I don’t think this really keeps me back from doing business. I might not be as “out there” during a networking event and working the room as Gary Vaynerchuk would. I am a bit more shy when I comes to cold calls and connecting with new people. I feel it every time I pick up the phone or introduce myself to someone new. In these situations, I keep reminding myself that my head will certainly not be cut off and the other person or party will most likely not even notice anything. Even if you are rejected, who cares? You just go on to the next person or situation.

I also make an effort to learn how to overcome this. Currently I hold a part time position as “sales rep” (trade broker with the charities division with Tradebank Canada) which is very much against my personality, but it teaches me how to deal with my feelings in the types of situations that I would naturally avoid.

Step out of your comfort zone

I use the feeling of shyness as an indicator that I’m about to step out of my comfort zone and into the zone where good things will happen. So I’m afraid about the step, but excited to know that good things will happen when I do this. Thinking about the good opportunities and possibilities that will open up on the other side encourage me to keep going.

It doesn’t hurt to be a bit “conservative”

Lets call it “conservative”, as in “not jumping the gun too fast”. Considering the consequences an action or decision might have before I do it, will make my business smarter and more secure and will most likely provide for a less bumpy ride. Just keep both extremes of this habit in mind: overdoing the thinking might stifle growth and slow you down, underdoing it will make you appear to be inconsequential.

What is actually important as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur you will work in and on your business. The more the business grows, the more you will (and should) work on the business and not in it. You might eventually have someone else to deal with reaching out to others on a daily basis. Your job is it to recognize business opportunities and guide your business towards it.

“Entrepreneurs are artists”

Steve Blank recently posted a short video of how entrepreneurs are artists. Their art is how to create business’ out of all the different parts and opportunities out there.

See for yourself:

Don’t let your shyness or introverted personality keep you from realizing your dreams and business opportunities and start painting a beautiful business. Rather, embrace and use this trait to your advantage.

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